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The Holy Quran is Islam's sacred text. This free program allows you to read and study the Quran in an easy manner. Its beautiful interface lets you navigate between the 114 chapters or Suras of the book. To do so, you only need to click on the corresponding number of the Sura you want to read, and the program will open it immediately. The left panel has a navigation window from which you can go exactly to the chapter and verse you need. The window has two scroll-down menus that let you set the chapter and the verse you want to open.

Also, in the main panel, below the text in Arab characters, you can find the corresponding English translation of each verse. The program also shows a sound icon at the left of each verse. I suppose that these icons, when clicked on, should feature a sound file showing the pronunciation of the verse; nevertheless, when I clicked on them, an error message appeared.

Besides the core program, you can also download additional files from the developer´s webpage, such as the Hilali/Khan English interpretation, as well as modules in different languages other than English. All these materials are absolutely free, just like the program itself.

If you are a scholar, a cleric or a devoted Muslim, then you will find this program very useful.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Sound files didn't work
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